Rotary Kids Out

What is a Rotary Kids Out day?

It is the name given to an outing that ‘provides fun and happiness to deprived children’. There is no set pattern. Each Club or group of Clubs will decide after consultation with the special needs schools where to go and what to do. In concept it differs little from the old Sunday School Outing of years gone by. Clearly, do not consider activity beyond the abilities of the children.

What part do the Rotarians play?

In order to comply strictly with the Child Protection Act it is absolutely essential that Rotarians agree in advance with the head of the special needs school the parameters of Rotarians’ involvement. It has to be made clear from the outset that the school must accept full responsibility for their children from start to finish and that Rotarians are only present to assist, and assist under strict supervision. At no time will a Rotarian or helper put themselves in a position where they are on their own with a child. Thus Rotarians will be responsible for planning the day and agreeing with the school/s where to take the children, what transport will be used and what food will be required. The whole of the cost for transport, food and any entry fees will be borne by the Club.

What is it likely to cost?

This depends entirely on where the outing takes place. If a theme park is chosen it is essential that a special deal is negotiated. Even so in some areas the cost of all children and adults is as high as £7 per person. Food if bought in can cost £2. On top of this tee shirts are usually provided and in some cases caps. The highest known cost is about £20 per child. But many hold much simpler events for about half that sum. The Kids Out charity will pay back £1.00 per child.

How is the subsidy applied for?

Rtn Don Carsley is the RIBI Coordinator. In the autumn all Club Secretaries would have received a communication from him, which gives clear instructions as to how to register an event. In the New Year all registered events will receive a pack containing among other things a form to fill in with precise details as to how many children are being taken out. This form will lead to the receipt of a cheque direct from the charity. This is the only known Rotary event where a charity actually sends money to Rotary!

What are the criteria for the children?

In broad terms we only take children of school age. Our interpretation of the word ‘deprived’ is any child who through disability or social deprivation does not enjoy life to the full. Sadly despite all the best endeavours by the medical world even more children with serious mental and physical disabilities are being born. Additionally the serious breakdown of family life is creating more and more children who do not enjoy the normal every day pleasures that most children take for granted.

How do we find these children?

Contact with your local education authority should provide you with a list of special needs schools in your area. Arrange to go by appointment to meet the Head of your selected school/s and ask if they would be interested in a Kids Out event. Contact with the local social services department should bring help to locate socially deprived children.

What sort of transport should we use?

The original concept was to travel largely by private car provided by Rotarians. The cars will go to the school and be loaded with a child and a helper. Cars should be decorated with balloons and stickers. However, with parties in double figures, special needs schools often use their own buses, or those supplied by the local authority, often fitted with chair lifts and other specialized equipment.

Clubs that have Participated in Kids Out:

Barnet, Barking, Golders Green, Roding, Battersea & Clapham, Hanwell & Northfields, Southgate, Chelsea, Harrow, Hendon, Woodford Green, Chingford, Heston & Isleworth, Dulwich & Peckham, Leytonstone & Woodford, Edgware & Stanmore, Northwick Park, Enfield, Putney