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Rotary and IBE Collaboration on Business Ethics

Vocational Service and Business Ethics


Business Ethics has always been high on the agenda for Rotarians. This is evident from the Second Object of Rotary - “High ethical standards in business and professions” as well as the Four Way Test that was developed as an ethical guide to follow in business matters.


A Collaboration on Business Ethics


Rotary in London has started a collaboration with the Institute of Business Ethics (IBE) that could deliver great benefits to Rotary and to participating companies. It initially involves these parties collaborating in the development of material to share with Rotary clubs, then potentially in events that promote business ethics, such as talks, seminars and courses.  It exploits the wide distribution of Rotary clubs with their contacts in local business communities and the expertise and intellectual property of IBE. 


Institute of Business Ethics

The IBE gives practical advice and training to encourage high standards of business behaviour based on ethical values. IBE’s objective is to “To lead the dissemination of knowledge and good practice in business ethics”.  The IBE works at a local and international level both with multinational subscribers and in close affiliation with other business ethics organisations overseas. IBE already have comprehensive materials for promoting business ethics including publications, training courses and Guides on developing and embedding codes of ethics. More information on courses and codes of ethics is available on their website: www.ibe.org.uk


Collaboration with IBE

Rotary in London and IBE have developed a draft workshop on Business Ethics and the summary presentation from IBE is available to Rotary Clubs. IBE or the District Community and Vocational team could also be available to present the material at Club meetings. Please contact District CommVoc Chair for more information on running a Business Ethics workshop with businesses in your area.

We are particularly interested in Rotarians who have close links with companies that have a good story to tell about their business ethics or corporate responsibility programme as this experience is an added dimension to a workshop with the possibility for them also to sponsor the event.