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This section contains information on Health & Safety, Equality & Diversity, Safeguarding (formerly known as Protection), Data Protection and Insurance.

RIBI has produced revised policy documents (2017-18) covering Health & Safety, Equality & Diversity, Safeguarding (formerly known as Protection), Data Protection and Insurance together with a combined 5-part compliance statement to confirm adoption of these policies.

Compliance, Questions and Answers
RIBI Compliance Statement 2018-19
RIBI Equality and Diversity Policy 2017-18
Health and Safety Policy Statement 2017-18
Safeguarding Policy Children 2017-18
Safeguarding Policy Vulnerable Adults 2017-18
RIBI Data Protection Policy For Global Database and DMS 2017-18


All clubs should print off the 5 RIBI policies and the compliance statement. They should be read through at a club meeting (ideally at the Annual General Meeting so it is documented), then the compliance statement should be signed by the Club President and/or Secretary on behalf of the club, thereby confirming that the club has adopted the policies. The compliance statement should be retained in the club records and a copy sent to the District Secretary.



As of 1st March 2016, there will be an amendment to the Rotary master insurance policy, due to the increase in Insurance Premium Tax.

Therefore, clubs, districts or Rotarians requiring additional insurance cover for events taking place on or after the 1st March 2016 will need to use the revised interactive forms on the Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland website (log in required) to calculate insurance premiums at the correct rate.



RIBI insurance brokers Bartletts have updated the ‘Rotary Club Insurance Guide’ for 2016/17 which has also been updated on the RIBI website.

New interactive PDF forms have been introduced for clubs to complete and submit regarding circumstances where additional insurance cover is required, i.e. for firework or RYLA event. These can be found on the website.

The forms are interactive and have pre-populated formulas which calculate for the club if additional cover is required for their specific circumstances. The club then simply save the form and email it to Bartletts to progress the additional cover.

If the event falls within the general insurance policy cover, the form will indicate this as the club enters the information on the interactive form giving them an immediate answer to their enquiry.

Bartletts have also put together a ‘how to use these interactive insurance forms’ sheet to assist clubs in completing the forms. The forms are not designed to be printed, they are an interactive tool that will give clubs the response they need immediately.

To access the information in the Compliance section on the RIBI website members will need to log into the ‘For Members’ area on the website.

If a Club President or Secretary has not yet registered to use this facility, there is a step by step information sheet for setting up registration in the PDF below and also accessible on the RIBI website on the members log in page under the ‘FAQ’ link.

If members experience any problems with setting up their registration or need help logging in for the first time, they are very welcome to contact a member of the RIBI Club and District Support Team (Tel: 01789 765411, option 5) and a member of the team can talk them through the stages over the telephone.

These documents are crucial to keeping clubs protected in their activities and advice and cover may be subject to change during the year and therefore RIBI only want clubs to have access to the most up to date guidance from the insurance brokers at any given time and the central source on the website is the best option for this.


Details of Club Constitutions, By-laws and procedures for determining disputes can also be found in the Compliance section of the RIBI website.