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Minutes of recent International Committee Meetings

Minutes of second District Chairman’s NetworkingCommittee 1st December ‘11

DG Trevor welcomed everybody and Introduced District International ChairToni Finkel.

Toni said how delighted she was everyone had been able to attend andthanked those Clubs who had completed the mid-term review forms. Shereminded the International Chairs/Clubs that all of the District Clubs arerequired to complete end of year review forms and how important theinformation was. The reason this feedback is requested is not to check up onClubs but for RIBI and RI to be able to use such information for PR, to informthe public of what we as Rotarians actually do/are doing. She asked that allthe District Clubs try to complete the end of year report which should berequested about April/May 2012.

Clubs were also thanked for their donations and support of Mary’s Meals. Sofar Toni has received 5 cheques, totalling £998 and has been told by a numberof Clubs that they have or are still collecting monies for Mary’s Meals. Coulddonations come via York Gate please, so we can record the amount we as aDistrict send? Cheques should be made out to Mary’s Meals and marked forthe attention of Toni Finkel.

DGN Dick updated us on Felsted Aid for Deprived Children and spoke abouttheir fundraising Dinner Dance, being held on Sunday 29th April 2012, toassist in the purchasing of much needed new transport for the charity. Forinformation regarding this event, or to request a presentation on the charity,please contact DGN Dick Nathan (www.rcnp.org.uk)

Hardev Coonar advised us of the latest news on the Pain Clinic (see relevantlink on the District website) and Walter Felman spoke of his recent visitto Israel, where he attended a board meeting of Save a Child’s Heart.Anyone who would like Hardev or Walter to come to make presentationson these subjects please contact them

Mike Hodge spoke about District and Global grantsand requested that Clubs contact him with proposals and he will talk themthrough the paperwork. Mike stressed that even if you have small amounts these can be matched,doubling the amount, which again with other partners can then become alarge amount. So if you have a project and a small amount towards it ormonies but no project in mind, please contact Mike or the International team.

District 1250’s District International Chairman, David Cross talked aboutthe charities HALO – Helping Aids Legacy Orphans, SLOT – School LeaversOpportunity Training, and the Magnificent 6- six Rotary Club run projects inSouth Africa, requiring partners to help with health, education and familyprojects. These South African Clubs already have the grant proposal paperworkcompleted and would like to find other Rotary Clubs Internationally to worktogether with. David is also very experienced in organising grants and workingwith Rotary Clubs Internationally. He would be delighted to hear from Clubsinterested in participating in these projects and/or a presentation. 

During the coffee break everyone had the opportunities to discuss anypersonal queries and to network with other Clubs.

Pat Liddiard (Wanstead and Snaresbrook) spoke about The Good ShepherdProjects in Brazil. They carry out excellent work amongst the street children,teenage gangs and families in two areas of Brazil. These projects cover theemphases of education, family and health. Pat would like to hear from Clubs
who would like to learn more about these projects and/or have a presentationon the subject. 

Everyone was thanked for taking the time to attend and reminded of thedate of the next Meeting, 1st March 2012.

Toni advised that speakers onSand Dams, Kids for Kids and the Jalalabad Disabled Rehabilitation Centreand Hospital (District 3280, Bangladesh) had been arranged. If anyone wishedanything else to be added to the agenda please contact Toni.